On the weekend, me and my trusty bud Aoife found ourselves in the middle of Whitechapel Gallery…  having an oogle at the work of John Stezaker. 

We were presented with “ over 120 illustrations, presenting the first overview of John Stezaker’s work on paper from the 1970s onwards, featuring his found images, collages, image fragments and a selection from The 3rd Person Archive”

We had our fair few moments of the usual cynicism directed towards “found art”. We stared at old movie stills that the artist “found” … and which he proceeded to cut it in two, crop, fold, disect… and voila – we have gallery worthy modern art? So, you can see why at first we were a bit sceptical. 

However the full body of work was impactful … as we made our way around, we did started to see past the simplicity of some of the pieces, to ponder issues regarding image and identity, environment and perception, which the artist no doubt intended. And we had fun doing it. There was certain amount of nostalgia, of comfort, in those grainy beautiful images combined with picturesque postcards (many which happened to be of Kilarney!! Hurrah for the Emerald Isle!)

Today Aoife sent me her take on the exhibition. And it was damn funny and poignant. We see our current pop culture given the Stezaker treatment. Bravo Aoife. Bravo Charlie. lol.

Ok, so sometimes I turn into a tv whore and watch back to back re-runs of televisual delights such as as The Hills, The City, Teen Mon, The Kardashians et al. Oh the dirty pleasure. So bad but, so good. 

So, I lit up like I don’t know what when I saw these on booooooom. Amazing portraits of The Hills & The City dames. Say what?

So good. Check out more of  Karen Bubas’s work here