Check out this interview with Brian Solis regarding engaging influencers. I love what he says at about the 4:50 mark regarding social media research versus monitoring. Social media engagement, much like marketing as a whole, is most effective when it’s customer-centric and based in a deep understanding of the audience. Man I wish I could articulate my thoughts the way Brian does!

FYI, the first few minutes of the video are a plug for his book “Engage”, the good stuff starts around minute 4.

The are HOVERING… right there

HOVERING ART DIRECTORS A-MAZ-ING TUMBLR BLOG … and so accurate. You can see some of the designers here dying a little inside,   mwwaaahahahah I think this could make a great horror movie …. something along the lines of “Don’t look now… thery’re right behind you”  Fortunately I work with nice art directors

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I came across Lissy’s photography on DesignMilk, and there was such a crazy gravitational pull towards her surreal ethereal creations. Her flickr shows up some real treats – check out her cloudy range …. you literally fall into her landscapes. Bravo, amazing work.