Design nerds, check it – Super duper SITE DESIGN. (Well..its just a page – but it’s well done )

Simple, CSS (again…) and dynamic. 

Oooow… what’s this? I think I like what I’m seeing here. Yes…. I definitely do.

Kobi Levi has some frickin’ amazing shoes….. 

So playful and fun. The way life should be. 

Found via Buzzfeed on my break. (Didn’t get to play hula hoop in the playground though)

Some summer doodling.

This way or that?

Some summer doodling.

flowers = yey.

What I did last night…


Regarding the last post… on the general hating of the album cover, there will inevitably be those who think that I just dont get IRONY.  Here’s the thing. I do. But being ironic still means you can have good design skills, yeah?? As my friend Duncan commented – The font is like “My first play

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It makes me sad. This design.

This HORRENDOUS, painfully bad typography, and below par design for a mega-album makes me sad. I mean… how does this happen? Did she maybe “keep it in the family” and try to help her 17 year old cousin on realising their dream of getting into design university? I can’t see any other way that this

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