A floating Zoo!!! …. 

Beautiful executions by Rafa Zubiría


And this is a post from her blog that was quiet endearing :)

Ps. Check out her artwork section on her Tumblr blog … it’s totally magical. Her work inspires me to follow my dreams. It’s utterly beautiful stuff!


Yesterday, I was just browsing through the Tumblr blog of this girl, Cyril… who blogs a lot of Disney and Harry Potter stuff along with some personal stuff — like how it’s a dream of hers to work at a Disney park as a Princess — and amidst all her fun posts I noticed something that pissed me off a great deal. On Tumblr you can send anonymous messages to blogs as long as they have it enabled… and someone had sent Cyril an anonymous message saying she wasn’t pretty enough to be a Disney Princess actress.

First of all, it really annoys me when people leave unnecessarily shitty messages online because they think they can get away with it, when they would never dare to say the same things without the anonymity of the Internet to hide behind. Was it really fucking necessary to send a message like that, even if it’s what you honestly thought? Nobody effin’ asked you, did they? And especially to someone who you follow online… this person knew that their message would hurt Cyril because only people who read her blog would know that she wants to be a Disney actress… and they sent it anyway. And that is complete shit.

I used to get people who’d watch me here on dA and then talk shit about me elsewhere thinking I didn’t know exactly who they were and what they were saying… so when some little shit took the time out of their day to send Cyril a personal message that they knew would upset her, it really hit home with me. Because I know 99% of trolls who say crap on the Internet would never do so in person – hell, 99% of them can’t even say things WITH THEIR OWN USERNAME, they’ve gotta hide behind an anon or hide on a different website to whisper amongst themselves like idiots. It’s kind of hilarious in a very sad, losing-faith-in-humanity sort of way. Contrary to popular belief, there IS a difference between “being honest” and “being an anonymous, cowardly jackass.” Just because you CAN post whatever the fuck you want online (the beauty of the Internet) doesn’t mean you SHOULD. Ugh, people.

SO ANYWAY! tl;dr, back to this piece, this painting is a gift for Cyril, aka tanglicious, a portrait of her as Rapunzel, who is the Disney Princess she would like to play someday. I wanted to draw a realistic Rapunzel anyway, and I decided she’d be a perfect model. Suck on that one, troll.

HOLY MOLEY … I just got SUPER nerdy excited about Wacom’s new product. I will swim an ocean to get this.

This bridges some of my Wacom issues in general… I HATE using wacom tablets – they feel really unnatural and awkward for me – the pen is too clunky and the smooth texture of the tablet makes it difficult for me to monitor my stroke and control my work properly. But, voila…. this is a step in the right direction. My biggest question regarding this piece of kit is how well it manages to convert illustrations to vector. I’m hoping it’s light years ahead of Adobe Illustrators trace tool.

YEY for clever robots!

My new favourite pencil drawer? …. Yes I think so.

Niki Pilkington brings some neon and lead to my life. Much appreciated :)