Libertine UK

Libertine (UK)

There’s a new mag in town:
Libertine magazine: “for interested women”

founder and editor Debbi Evans explains:
“to redefine the ‘women’s interest’ category. In addition to luxury lifestyle content we cover tech, science and business, and celebrate high achieving maverick women for the contents of their brains, not their beds. There is no fashion or beauty content in issue 1, unless you count a piece on the semiotics of handbags. There’s nothing like it, and we’re really excited (and relieved!) to have finally got it out there.”

art director Jenni Doggett



Anna See – BZA.CO

I came across the artwork of Anna See on, whose prints I really adore. She has a lovely style, and can see some of these very much at home in my flat. The are prints of hand-pulled linocuts – which gives the piece a very tactile look. They also look like great additions to kids bedrooms….such as her foxes and racoons. Great work Anna!