About me3


Hello! I’m Stacey Marsh. I work in London as an illustrator and designer.  I work across a range of media, both commercial and for my own brand. From digital design, software design and publishing to pattern and illustration – I love the breadth and scope my career brings.

StaceyMarsh.com is my pattern and surface design output. I have always had an obsession for patterns – the mirroring in nature, the symmetry in biology – this natural reflection can be so aesthetically beautiful. I also want to create products that evoke a sense of fun and lightheartedness – life’s too flippin’ short to settle for boring. Bright and bold is our motto for life.

I’m also excited to announce that I have a new book coming out in September – Cocktails of the Movies. I’m delighted to have Prestel Publishing as my publisher – it’s a dream come true to have an esteemed art and design publisher backing our international release. It’s now available for pre-order here :)





All of my patterns start out as pen and ink illustrations – usually stemming from a ‘stream of consciousness’ approach. I love to let my mind wander. There is something special about balance, reflection and mirroring that draws me into patterns. I’m mesmerised by nature’s intelligence and output – from botany to anatomy, symmetry always play a leading role.


Down in the southeast coast there lies a little coastal city called Waterford (where Waterford Crystal is from!) I lived in the coutryside growing up. It was beautiful. I love to travel back to sea the family, the ocean and the green fields. Lovely.

After getting a diploma in Cork, Ireland, I came over to England to finish my degree in Design & Communication at UCA Epsom. From there I jumped into the big London pond to finally get a job (much to the relief of my parents) and pay my own rent. Joy.

I don’t have a favourite colour! Everything needs context. It all depends on the situation. I love them all. Well, ok, not brown. You can tell from my work that I love colour and spirit in a palette. Colour should make your heart sing.

The Shining is my favourite movie

My process

Seeking inspiration

The first step in my process is to look at the world around me – seeking interesting shapes and forms. I love to sieve through art history books, jewellery books, check out some exhibitions or get lost in the metropolis, get lost in Pinterest …. you know the score.

Putting pen to paper

All this helps once I sit down with my 0.05 black ink pen and a piece of paper and let me mind wander. I love the intricacies of the finest nib, and I build up an illustration until I feel it captures the vibe I’m looking for.

Scan, colour and manipulate

Scanning in the illustrations, it’s time to study their shape and form, and to find the appropriate feel and palette for the pattern. There’s a lot of pondering and twisting and turning of the pieces to find the right design and flow. It’s the most fun part of the process as you get to see instant changes. Ah, the wonders of technology.